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How do I pre-register?

You just missed the link! Go back up!


Is it going to be cold?

Well we hope not! We are anticipation great weather. We only had one year where is was ice cold.



Can we camp?

You sure can. Give the park a call at Cherokee Park: (423)-586-5232.


Is there a class for my car?

There are many classes and if there is at least 3 vehicles of the same there will be more added as needed


Can I come in and out of the park?

Yes, but we please ask for minimal traffic in and out



How much is it to be a spectator?

Spectators are $5 per person per day


What if it rains?

The show will happen without regards to weather


Who is covering the show?

There will be coverage by all major magazines and all of your favorite online magazines


Is there alcohol allowed on site?

- No