Tennessee's Largest Truck and Car Show!

Featuring a variety of Classes to Compete in, thousands of custom cars & trucks, vendors, food, music, and more - Layd Out at the Park is back! Now's the time to finish all the custom work on your ride because come Spring 2018 the show is on! 


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Thank You to all of our Sponsors, Vendors, Volunteers, Morristown, Family, Friends, and Car Enthusiasts who share their excitement.

  Our Sponsoring Accomdation

Our Sponsoring Accomdation






Cherokee Park
3075 Floyd Hall Rd
Morristown, TN 37814



Friday:  10am - 5pm
Saturday: 8am - 5pm
Sunday: 8am-2:30pm

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9:00 Gates Open
9:00 Vendor Set Up
9:30 Registration Opens
10:00 Judging Begins
4:00 Registration Closes
4:30 Judging Closes
5:00 Park Closing



8:00 Gates Open
8:30 Registration Opens
8:30 MECA 2 x Event
9:00 Judging open
10:00 Model Car Show starts
1:00 Kids Car Show – Front of Stage
3:00 Pin Up Contest
5:30 Judging closes
6:30 Layd Out Appreciation Cook Out (Hosted by Owings Vinyl Graphics and Metal Art)
6:45 Club Games
7:45 Bikini Contest
8:30 Glow Off
8:30 Vehicle Limbo
9:00 Special Event




8:00 Gates Open
10:00 DropEm Wear’s Debut for Dollars (Front of Stage)
11:00 Registration Closes
11:30 King of Clubs (Front of Stage) 12:00 Final Call for Judging
1:15 Awards Ceremony
2:30 Closing of the Show